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Merit Property Management

Merit property management was founded by Melinda Masson  in 1830 in California. For the last 30 years this management inc, has been in operation it has committed itself to the provision of the best and expert education and guidance on management practices.  Since its foundation, the company has risen to be one of the best service providers of community related services in and around the Western States. The company specializes in the management of master planned and forward planning, high urban, active adult and mid sized businesses to the communities surrounding it.

Merit Property Management

Services provided
The company provides all tools and equipment that may be needed in making good decisions associated with environmental sustainability. The company’s decision to provide its customers with skills and knowledge on the best ways  to go green  is due to the fact that more and more people today are realizing the need to go green. Currently more homeowners than never before are more conscious on protecting their environment, responsible living and are taking more measures to ensure that they are saving in any and every way possible. Other people foresee the potential of the future holding and exposing them to mandatory energy reduction risks thus the need to shield themselves against such possibilities. Merit property management company works hand in hand with their FirstServices partners in exploring new and realistic ways to enhance environmental sustainability, lower energy consumption while at the same time maximizing savings.

Merit community management giving back to the society
Through the 30 years the company has been in operation, it has been involved in different giving campaigns. Even in this hard economic times, the company managed to give over $162, 000 to the society to be used in programs aimed at improving individual and families in the State of California. The company also participates in a community outreach program whose aim is to collect food weighing 366 pounds annual which is then donated to the Girls and Boys Club. The company also participates in the Race for Cure, Marching for Babies, Rebuilding Together initiatives and also in providing Homework Helpers.

The company beliefs
Even though, Merit property management company is a big company today, it has not forgotten its obligations. It is the company’s belief to listen to individual clients and respond to individual needs to come up with a comfortable and trusting connection between the company and the clients and community surrounding it. Currently, the company serves over 300 association that represent over 140, 000 homes and with each, the company is able to provide for individual needs designed to meet individual needs of the people it serves.

Merit property management company is a division of FirstService Residential management company which manages more than 1.2 million individual homes from over 4600 community associations countrywide.  The company manages rental properties,  large scale communities,  condo hotels, condominium homeowners groups and associations and high rises. With the help of the main company, Merit property management deliver high quality services using the exceptional technology products,  consulting services, product expertise and continuing educational and training programs.